The “Changing Past” is a project of encuentro5, a movement-building space in the heart of Boston. Host & producer Brian O’Connell is a board member of the organization while producer Suren Moodliar is one of the organization’s coordinators.

Brian O’Connell

Brian O’Connell is a musician, peace and social justice activist, and educator who currently lives in Western Massachusetts after spending over 20 years in Boston. Originally from the Buffalo, NY area, he has performed widely across the Northeast and East Coast US with a variety of music groups, and also wrote and produced his own psychological and politically themed
theatrical rock opera, Over the Line. As a peace and social justice activist, Brian has helped organize benefit events, presentations by internationally touring social justice advocates, and large demonstrations on the Boston Common. In addition, he has been involved in teachers’ unions, worker-owned co-op businesses, fair trade ventures, political campaigns, and ballot
questions. As an educator, he is certified in Social Studies and Music, and has taught in private, charter, and public schools in Philadelphia, Boston, Chelsea, and Holyoke, MA. He holds a music degree from Berklee College of Music, as well as a Masters in Education from Temple University.

Suren Moodliar

Suren Moodliar lives in Chelsea. He is a coordinator of encuentro5, a movement-building space in Boston, and editor of the journal Socialism and Democracy. He co-edited Noam Chomsky’s Internationalism or Extinction (2020), Turnout! Mobilizing Voters in an Emergency (July 2020) with Matt Nelson and Charlie Derber, and coauthored Chomsky for Activists (forthcoming, 2020) with Paul Shannon and Charlie Derber. He is also a co-author of A People’s Guide to Greater Boston with Joseph Nevins and Eleni Macrakis.

Project Advisory Board

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encuentro5 (e5)

Established in 2006 in Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood, encuentro5 (e5) is a “movement-building space” organized to support the work of grassroots social movements challenging oppression, neoliberalism, and militarism. Since its founding, it has hosted thousands of meetings, events, and progressive intellectuals as it supported the pro-immigrant, antiwar, #Occupy, #BlackLivesMatter, Latin American solidarity, and other movements. e5 sponsors two other online shows, Solidaridad hemisférica (launching in July 2020) and Shelter and Solidarity (the latter in partnership with Socialism and Democracy, the Labor Press, and Hard Ball Press, launched in April 2020).